Frontlab Publisher allows marketers & product managers to collaborate when creating product based publications like Catalogues, Brochures and Flyers.

Faster time-to-market

Tired of dealing with outdated spread sheets, text files and images? Benefit from a platform where product data is created, maintained, approved, shared, used and re-used again and again. Automate the repetitive tasks of creating product based publications and get more marketing using the same resources

Single Source – Multiple Channels

Create, manage and target your publications for print, web, mobile devices and tablets – using the same tool and the same data.

Publication Data

Define publication specific data sources, or tap into existing campaign data sources, and leverage the power of single source publishing. Data segmentation features and automatic audit trail on changes makes it easy to manage the publication data.

Layout Templates

Flexible layout templates are important when creating publications. Prepare your own templates in minutes based on your existing artwork. Offline targets use InDesign documents as templates and InDesign Server for generating the final PDF’s. Online targets typically use HTML templates or similar for generating output.

Integration – and beyond tomorrow

Frontlab Publisher is a modular solution, where you can mix and match the functionality to suit your publishing needs. It integrates out-of the box with the other Frontlab modules to provide an end-to-end publishing solution.

You can even build your own custom solution using the core components and the comprehensive Web Service API.

Explore our Digital Asset Management solution Frontlab DAM & our Product Information Management system Frontlab PIM

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