Frontlab Publisher – Which edition to choose

The modular structure of Frontlab Publisher makes it easy to extend the solution, when more advanced features are required.

Standard edition

The standard edition of Frontlab Publisher comes with the following modules

Core Publisher

Frontlab Publisher allows marketers & product managers to collaborate when creating product based publications like Catalogues, Brochures and Flyers. Select the product data needed for the publication and use the page planning module to categorize and group products into sections and pages. Choose relevant layout templates depending on the number of products and other layout elements needed on each of the pages. The print channel of Frontlab Publisher is built upon InDesign technology and InDesign Server. You design your templates in the familiar InDesign client, and generate the output using the InDesign Server as the graphics engine.

Activity management

Keep track of deadlines, and stay updated on the latest changes. Manage your activities using hierarchical folder structures, group activities into campaigns etc.

Digital Asset Management integration

The Frontlab DAM is an easy-to-use image database for storing and sharing images. Frontlab DAM integrates completely with Frontlab Publisher to provide an end-to-end solution for customers. Images are stored in hierarchical folders, and can easily be reorganized and moved. You can define access rights to folders for individual users or groups, and have fine-grained control of the assets. Image placeholders in Frontlab Publisher templates can map to a specific folder in Frontlab DAM and thereby protect the visual identity by preventing accidental use of the wrong images.

Product Information Management integration

Extending the great features of Frontlab DAM. Forntlab PIM provides access to both the hard facts as well as the sales and marketing related information in a shared repository – accessible for all team players – keep related media assets and other content grouped together, as it should be. Decrease time-to-market and leverage your content across publications.

Frontlab Proofing

Frontlab Proofing re-defines how you collaborate when proofing your marketing material. Avoid the same mistakes again and again. Update the data sources with the approved content directly from the proofing workflow.

Dynamically Add & Remove template pages

Allow end-users to add & remove pages during the work process.

Extended edition

All the features of the standard edition – and additional more advanced features.

Multiple output targets

Create, manage and target your publications for print, web, mobile devices and tablets – using the same tool and the same data

Advanced templates

Advanced templates allow you to insert templates in templates. You can define a product placeholder template, and a catalogue template which contains one or more product placeholder templates. This reduces the template maintenance needed as it makes it easy to update parts of your template library without the need to redo all the creative work. A template can also be set to grow in width or height. This feature dramatically reduces the number of templates and gives the users a lot more flexibility.


When needed it is possible to enable a full WYSIWYG experience, allowing the users to change formatting & style elements like font family, font size, font style variants like bold, italics, etc., or use select predefined paragraph styles from the template.

Webservice API

The Integration module lets you integrate Frontlab Publisher into your existing IT and publishing systems. The module exposes a set of Webservice API’s which enables you to automate standard tasks or integrate the publisher system directly into your existing work process.

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