Easier, faster and more convenient

Give your proofreaders a productive proofing platform

Reduce lead time, minimize errors and deliver in time

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Tired of waiting?

Make your changes, and generate your 100% correct preview on-demand

All changes are tracked automatically, and the updated InDesign document can be downloaded when the proofing round is completed


The need for speed

Online review and approval

Get your approvals 50% faster

Save more than 60% of the DTP work


Easy to start - easy to use

Proofreaders do not need to download special software first.

Simply use a standard web browser to access the cloud based proofing tool.

50% faster approval

Compared to a traditional proofreading process, Frontlab Proofing will easily cut the review and approval time in half.

Frontlab Proofing removes the usual hassles of a traditional proofreading process.


60% faster DTP

Compared to a traditional proofing process, Frontlab Proofing will reduce the dtp effort by 60%.

All text changes are already in the document when DTP starts their work. In other words – the tedious and error prone work is already done.


In-layout proofreading

The instant and 100% correct preview will immediately reveal layout issues such as overflow when translating.

Full history of all changes, as text corrections and layout annotations are tracked automatically. A browser based solution your clients will love.

Grows with your business

Whether you need to proofread 20 pages or 20.000 pages per month we have a solution for you.

Frontlab Proofing

Frontlab Proofing is an online proofing solution for creative agencies or companies requiring a powerful and easy cloud based proofing process

In case you are a Language Service Provider or a company running your own in-house translation & localization department, then check out Frontlab Lingua, which is our translation and localization aware proofing platform.

The problem we solve

Traditionally corrections are made in PDF’s, Word files or even over the phone, and these are all passed through a single person; E-mails are passed around, mistakes are made. — Sounds familiar?

Frontlab Proofing is a new and better approach to an old problem.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to install anything on my computer?
No, all you need is your web browser.
Which file types do you support?

Currently the proofing express system supports

  • Native InDesign files (all versions from CS3 to the latest and greatest)
  • PDF files – as a fallback for other file types. From your program generate a PDF file and upload it to proofing express

We will be adding more native formats depending on user feedback.

Proofing of InDesign files - Can the proofreader really update the preview live?

Yup – We have a very advanced native InDesign proofing process: From a standard web browser the proofreader can make text corrections directly in the layout and update the preview straight away. No more waiting for DTP processing, and all changes are tracked automatically.

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