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Frontlab Proofing is a next generation proofing tool that reduces the production time. It offers new possibilities when approving/reviewing catalogues, brochures, marketing material, product sheets, annual reports, etc.

Re-define how you collaborate

Easy on-line proofing | Translation and localization  | Pre-press optimization

Easy on-line proofing

Got high volume?

During peak periods, some customers proof read more than 100.000 pages in 29 countries. Monthly!

Easy on-line proofing with Frontlab Proofing removes the hassles of proofreading. All stakeholders can do reviews and make corrections using a standard web browser. You get an immediate and 100% correct preview, you have a full history of all changes, you can track changes made in the text, and you can make annotations about the layout.

You can even import updates to the document from an Excel file. This enables you to update e.g. all prices in a catalogue in one go without introducing errors.

All changes are applied directly into the print material which results in a lean process with fewer intermediaries. This reduces lead time, minimizes errors and lets you confidently make last minute corrections.

With Frontlab Proofing you know who is doing what and when, you know who is required to sign-off and what sign-offs are pending, and you have a shared repository for price lists, product info, etc.


Translation and localization

Frontlab Proofing offers unique features which will reduce the costs of translation and localizing print material.

The instant and 100% correct preview will immediately reveal layout issues, such as overflow, when translating copy. The translated target versions and the master version can conveniently be compared side by side.

For basic text adaptations simply upload the master document, and from that you can start to create localized and customized versions directly in the layout.

When working with more complex jobs in a full-fledged translation processes, it probably makes more sense to upload the translated target versions, and link them to a shared master source document for easy reference during the revision process. It is also possible to download/upload inx files directly, thus speeding up the process and eliminating the need for local InDesign knowledge in most cases.

Guide the proofreaders during the revision process using the optional terminology module. Brand names, product names and other important information, is then automatically validated, and deprecated terms are effectively blocked from entering into the translation.

Keeping the underlying CAT tools updated is vital, but also a very time consuming process. With Frontlab Proofing, you can export the changed segments and feed them right back to the CAT tools.


Pre-press optimization

Using Frontlab Proofing will optimize your pre-press work in several ways.

It will reduce the number of errors, minimize the manual work and allow a closer integration with your customers. When clients use Frontlab Proofing to proofread printed material, the text corrections are applied directly into the InDesign document. Clients can also add yellow stickers and comment on layout issues, and these are also added to a layer in the InDesign document. When a proofing round is completed the updated document can be downloaded directly from the server. This eliminates the handling and merging of clients corrections and comments, and let you focus on the creative work.

Frontlab Proofing structures the production process with its comprehensive planning and execution features. You get an instant overview of the process and the status of each activity, you can see who is stalling, and persons are notified by mail when they need to take action. The workflow system is flexible enough to model even the most demanding proofing process, and is simple enough to be used in a more ad-hoc production process.


Major brands using Frontlab Proofing
  • Atea
  • Bang & Olufsen
  • Bosch
  • Danfoss
  • Gardena
  • Lego
  • STAR Group
  • Telenor
  • Velux
  • ...

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