Frontlab Proofing - Which edition to choose

The modular structure of Frontlab Proofing makes it easy to extend the solution, when more advanced features are required.

Standard edition

The standard edition of frontlab proofing comes with the following modules

Activity management
Keep track of deadlines, and stay updated on the latest changes. Manage your activities using hierarchical folder structures, group activities into campaigns etc.

The workflow controls who has access, who needs to sign-off and which team players needs to be notified. A vital part of a smooth execution.

Choose from the following proofing options based on your needs:

  • InDesign proofing
  • PDF proofing
  • Flash & Media proofing

Extended edition

Based on the standard edition - packed with additional advanced features. Handle more complex jobs, and spend less time managing the process

The briefing module makes it easy to capture briefing data needed to ensure a successful result. Choose from predefined briefing templates or define your own.

Advanced Workflow options

  • Spread permissions
  • Fine grained control of who needs to sign-off which spreads - or even block access to spreads where the proofreader is not requested to sign-off
  • Sign-off carry over
  • Preserve sign-off status from one proof round to the next proof round - makes it possible to jump start the proofing process long before all the pages are ready.
  • Multiple files
  • Upload multiple files for proofing. Mix document types like InDesign, PDF, Flash and other medias in the same proofing activity.
  • More ...

An easy way to ensure company & product names are spelled correct, and use of deprecated terminology or typical mistakes are prohibited. The system can even suggest alternative terms.
Today companies publish their content across multiple medias, and with a variety of purposes. It is therefor important to streamline the terminology and product information used.

Translation & Localization
Enables translation agencies and pre-press studios to create localized versions faster.
- Create multiple activities, one for each target language — in one go.
- Compare the target document with the source/master document.
- Export the text changes between the uploaded document and the approved version, and keep the translation memories updated.
Frontlab Proofing’s proofreading interface allows translators & reviewers to catch layout issues immediately and the automatic update of the InDesign document saves DTP round trips.

Data Export/Import
Export/import updates from/to the InDesign document using an external source. This enables you to update e.g. all prices in a catalogue in one go without introducing errors.

Webservice API
The Integration module lets you integrate Frontlab Proofing into your existing IT and publishing systems. The module exposes a set of Webservice API’s which enables you to automate standard tasks or integrate the proofing system directly into your existing 'food chain'.
A typical scenario is to integrate Frontlab Proofing with your existing catalogue production system. These systems normally produce an InDesign document from a database with product information but offer no proofing functionality. You can now produce the raw catalogue in your existing system, and then move the whole proofing and correction process into Frontlab Proofing. After the catalog is approved all text changes can be transferred back into your product database to ensure it is always up to date.

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