Introducing flash proofing

Frontlab proofing supports a number of document types like InDesign CS3, CS4, CS5, PDF's, Images, etc., and now we are also offering a proofing solution for Flash files.

Frontlab flash proofing leverages the entire core infrastructure from regular InDesign and PDF proofing, but adds the capability to support Adobe Flash files.

Flash files is a widely used format for delivering messages and user interaction in the browser and can be banners with many “pages” and transitions, or even small movies, again with multiple messages and offers in the time line.
Last but not least, flash files can be self contained full blown applications exposing rich functionality in an advanced custom built user interface.

Example of flash file - a typical banner:

Banner has several “frames” which requires proofing.

Another frame inside same banner:

Proof reading these types of creatives can be quite time consuming if not impossible, where the biggest problem resides in placing context to a given correction.

With Frontlab proofing, you simply upload the flash file and create the “key” frames that you wish to proof read dynamically – context is given in the right place from the snapshot.

Example of proof reading in Frontlab proofing:

Notice the frames captured in the left panel.

All the great features of Frontlab proofing is leveraged, including workflows, notifications and annotations and proof round summary gives you full control of the proofing process.

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