Benefits & features

Designed for ease of use

Frontlab Proofing is designed from the ground up with usability in mind, and end users do not need any knowledge of visual design or graphics production. The modern web interface looks and feels like a real application and your users are up and running in no time.

InDesign Proofing

Frontlab InDesign Proofing is build upon InDesign technology & InDesign Server. You use your familiar tools and there is no need for extensive training to start using Frontlab Proofing, because proof reading is done directly in a standard web browser.

PDF Proofing

Frontlab PDF Proofing uses exactly the same work process as InDesign Proofing making it easy to switch between document types.

Flash Proofing

Frontlab Flash proofing leverages the entire core infrastructure from regular InDesign and PDF proofing, but adds the capability to support Adobe Flash files.

Apply changes directly to InDesign document [InDesign Proofing]

The end-users make their text corrections and these are automatically applied to the underlying InDesign source document. Proof readers only require a standard web browser to access the material for proofing.

PDF-like annotations

The users can create yellow stickers to comment on layout issues. These annotations are transferred into the InDesign source document as a separate layer for easy access during the finalization steps.

Immediate and 100% correct preview [InDesign Proofing]

When a correction is made; the InDesign document is updated and the users get an immediate and 100% correct visual feedback. This catches layout issues, such as overflow, early in the process.

Full history on all changes

All users can see the full history of the content changes, and can quickly determine who made what corrections and when. The corrections are shown with inserts and deletions marked thereby making it easy to spot even the slightest modification, and the changes are immediately visible to all other users.

A structured proofing process

Frontlab Proofing enables efficient and flexible execution using workflows. The workflow system is flexible enough to model even the most demanding proofing process, and is simple enough to be used in a more ad-hoc production process.

Improved overview of the entire work process

With the structured proofing process you get an improved overview of the entire review & approval process. You can see if a task is late, you can see who is required to sign-off, what sign-offs are pending, and you know who is doing what and when.

Reduce the number of errors and delays

The lean production process reduces the number of intermediaries and requires less manual work. This reduces the number of errors and delays and gives you a smooth production process.

Shared repository for related files

You can share your price lists, product info, etc at a central repository. You will never doubt if the price list you have is the current one.

Rent or buy

Frontlab Proofing can be used as a hosted service, where Frontlab host and maintain the server, and you connect to it via the internet. The pricing model consists of a monthly base fee and an additional fee based upon usage. Alternatively, you can buy a traditional license and run it on your existing IT infrastructure.

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