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Frontlab Ad builder, based on InDesign Server, ensures the highest quality of the result without compromising the visual identity. Lower production cost and quicker turn-around time creates new possibilities for marketing and sales departments, newspapers, magazines and print shops.

Automated ad creation | Marketing portal | Customer self service

Automated ad creation

As a newspaper or magazine, you can use Frontlab Ad builder to ease the production of job ads, real estate ads, car ads and any other type of customer created advertising. You can integrate Frontlab Ad builder with your existing website and allow advertisers to generate their own, print-ready ads online. Frontlab Ad builder has unique features designed especially for the needs of newspapers and magazines. A single newspaper template can scale to fit one or more columns and can grow in height as the end user types the content. This dramatically reduces the number of templates and gives the users a lot more flexibility. The component based Ad builder system can integrate into any production workflow and is flexible enough to fit even the most demanding needs.


Marketing portal

Integrate Frontlab Ad builder with a marketing portal and let affiliates, resellers, stores or salespeople create their own print-ready marketing material without compromising the visual identity. A business can centralize the marketing material production and at the same time - give the users more flexibility and lower the production time. Let your affiliates or resellers adapt brochures, product sheets or newspaper ads to fit their needs. A retailer can use Frontlab Ad builder to let the stores create signs and other POS material without involving a centralized pre-press department. Let your salespeople on-the-fly create custom catalogues, offers or customized promotional material. Or integrate Frontlab Ad builder with your CRM system to create direct marketing materials, such as letters, faxes or emails. If you need to review and proof the generated material then Frontlab Ad builder integrates with the Frontlab Proofing system, which can model even the most demanding review process.


Customer self service

As a print company, you can build a customer self service web site, where your customers can easily create business cards, wedding invitations or more complex print material that would usually require a DTP. The generated PDF is in high-res and ready to continue into your production process. Your customers can upload their own images, which are validated for resolution and other parameters. And you can use Frontlab DAM to store frequent customers logos or other images between orders. Integrate into your customers' procurement systems and create a print-on-demand system built upon Frontlab Ad builder.


Major brands using Frontlab Ad builder
  • Atea
  • Lego
  • Red Cross
  • Søndagsavisen
  • Telenor
  • Velux
  • ...


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