Benefits & Features

Based on InDesign

Frontlab Ad builder is built upon InDesign technology and InDesign Server. You design your templates in the familiar InDesign client, and generate your ads using the InDesign Server as the graphics engine.

Designed for ease of use

Frontlab Ad builder is designed from the ground up with usability in mind, and end users do not need any knowledge of design or graphics production. The modern web interface looks and feels like a real application and your users are up and running in no time.

Visual preview and feedback

The users get a 100% correct preview while building the ad, and they get immediate feedback on layout issues such as text overflow and poor image resolution.

Multiple output profiles

Use the same template to generate a PDF for local printing or a high resolution PDF with marks & bleed for offset printing, a low-res PDF for e-mailing or a black-and-white PDF for faxing. The user can select the desired output method when generating the final PDF.

Flexible sizing

A template can be set to grow in width or height. This allows you to create a single newspaper template that can scale to fit one or more columns and can grow in height. This feature dramatically reduces the number of templates and gives the users a lot more flexibility.

Advanced templates

Advanced templates allow you to use templates within templates. You can define a product placeholder template, and a page template as containing a number of product placeholder templates. This reduces template maintenance dramatically and makes it easy to update parts of the visual identity without the need to go through all the related templates.

WYSIWYG - Advanced formatting

When needed it is possible to enable a full WYSIWYG experience, allowing the end users to change formatting & style elements like font family, font size, font style variants like bold, italics, etc., or use select predefined paragraph styles from the template.

Frontlab Digital Asset Management integration

Frontlab Ad builder integrates out of the box with Frontlab DAM. Frontlab DAM is an image database designed for user friendliness that utilizes the latest web technologies to create a modern interface and to provide quick response times for large images. Frontlab DAM

Frontlab Product Information management integration

Frontlab PIM keeps your product information at hand and updated. Complete with advanced access control, custom field definitions, approval process and versioning of product data, showing exactly who changed which product details and when. Entering approved product information into a brochure template or other marketing communication, has never been easier. Frontlab PIM

Database integration

Frontlab Ad builder can integrate with your existing data sources to create custom database publishing solutions. Connect to your ERP or CRM data and let your users create print-ready PDF files directly from the source.

Frontlab Proofing integration

If your business processes require advanced proofing and approval cycle before the print material is released then Frontlab Ad builder can integrate with Frontlab Proofing. The Proofing module allows all stakeholders to proof read and annotate the material and can model even the most demanding approval process.Frontlab Proofing

Integrates into your existing IT

Frontlab Ad builder is divided into components in a service oriented architecture (SOA) and exposes a set of Webservice API’s. This allows you to integrate Frontlab Ad builder into your existing IT system or build custom solutions based on the core Ad builder technologies. Please contact us for more details

Supports advanced business rules

The Frontlab ad builder template not only defines the visual layout, but also holds important parts of the business rules defining the user experience around a specific template. As an example it is possible to define that a field is read-only for one user role, fully editable for another role, an none existing for any other roles.

Rent or buy

Frontlab Ad builder can be used as a hosted service, where Frontlab host and maintain the server, and you connect to it via an internet browser. The pricing model consists of a monthly base fee and a fee pr. page. Alternatively, you can buy Frontlab Ad builder and run it on your existing IT infrastructure.

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